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Covid-19 Shelter In Place for Kansas City

Print Tekk Printing & Mailing, a family owned business since 1978, is remaining open but remotely.

During this time from March 24th, 2020 to April 24th, 2020 we will remain open but doing so remotely as to keep our employees safe.  If you have any questions or needs please feel free to contact us thru our website as it is monitored as well as email directly to or call us at 816-931-4122 as our phones are forwarded as well.  We will continue to serve our customers needs during this time.

  • Submit your project information and we will contact you soon.

  • Whether it’s an existing order or new, we can make the process simple and easy.

  • Our online file transfer system allows you to easily send us a file.

  • Login to your account for additional services.

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